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Pipeline Insurance gives you the easy button!

Pipeline Insurance gives you the easy button!

The majority of our agents come to us with some kind of business already in place. Whether they are tax professionals or accountants, real estate agents or loan officers, provide DMV registration services or any myriad of other products, most of our agents have an established clientele with whom they have done business in the past. These agents have decided that they want to add insurance to their repertoire, and our goal is to provide the “easy button” solution on how to do that.

We have a three-step process on how we plan to help you be successful.

1.) We make it as easy as possible for you to write, submit, and/or refer new business through our systems. This means that we are in constant development, improving our systems and processes in an effort to continually make it easier and easier for our agents to obtain premium indications and bind policies.

2.) We make every customer, lead, and referral most profitable through the power of education. Education is one of our core values. Our CEO, James Russ, comes from a background of teaching, and we have found that our greatest advantage is in building trust by providing expert knowledge and advice.

3.) We aim to maintain the highest levels of retention through our unrivaled proactive service and support. This means anticipating our agents' and their customers' needs, being at the top of our game when it comes to renewals, and providing an unmatched customer service experience.

Education and Empowerment

Our short videos are engaging and informative and will prompt you with questions to ask yourself.

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Insurance is an asset protection plan, and your best bet to guard against loss is to speak to a professional agent and develop a plan specific to your needs. 

<i>Insurance to Protect Your Business</i>

Insurance to Protect Your Business

Owners of businesses are exposed to more liability exposure than their employees, and often have more assets to protect. 

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A House Divided

By understanding a few key concepts during a divorce, you may be able to avoid common pitfalls.
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Saving for College 101

Here’s a crash course on saving for college.
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