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Who is Pipeline Insurance?

Mission Statement

Empowering licensed professionals to effectively add insurance to their existing business.

Company Identity

Pipeline Insurance agents are dedicated to continual growth and learning. We strive to become experts in our
field in order to provide optimal service to our clients. We believe in ourselves, the companies we represent, and
the products and services we provide. We endeavor to provide a diverse and innovative workplace, where team
members encourage one another and cheerfully provide an unmatched customer service experience. We believe
that both clients and team members should feel secure, and above all, appreciated.

Core Values: Pipeline C.A.R.E.S.
Strategic Partnerships

Pipeline Commitment to Service

Pipeline Insurance agents are committed to building lasting relationships with our clients by mastering both our craft and our carrier’s products. In doing so, we commit ourselves to efficiently helping clients find the most comprehensive products to satisfy their insurance obligations and meet their financial needs. We are committed to ensuring our clients’ peace of mind, knowing that they have a responsive and reliable agent every step of the way.